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Koh Tao or Turtle Island is a small island and another tourist attraction in the Gulf of Thailand, popular with tourists who love to dive and fell in love with the sound of waves. Koh Tao is just a short boat ride from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan and can also be reached from the mainland city of Chumporn.


Thailand is known for a lot of things – its stunning beaches, friendly atmosphere, and yes, it’s yummy cuisine. Thai food actually has five fundamental taste sense,


World class condominium is still the highlight of Thailand real estate so we collect 10 of the most expensive penthouse, start here.


One of the greatest things in the life of a Thai man is ordination which is regarded as an act of a great merit dedicated to his parents.


The most popular of Northeastern festivals with foreign tourists is the Surin Elephant Round-up which is held annually in November.


The Buddha taught many ways of investigating the nature of mind and body. A look through the monastery and meditation centre descriptions


The Long-Neck Karen hill tribes or Padaung is one of the latest hill tribe immigrants who have come to form a new minority group in Thailand.


One of the most important occasions of the person’s life after birth is the marriage ceremony as it places value on that particular moment


A city of Bangkok was established by King Rama I as his capital in 1782. Being determined to observe the tradition of construction his capital a Buddhist temple


Buddhism plays a very significant role in the daily life of the Thai people. Since about 95% of the people in the kingdom of Thailand are Buddhism,


Thai Dance is the main dramatic art form of Thailand Thai dance and Thai classical dance is originally derived from the culture of Khmer classical dance.


One of the most popular festivals in November is Loy Krathong Festival. It takes place at a time when the weather is fine as the rainy season is over and there is a high water level all over the country.

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